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The Wage and Hour Answer Book provides guidance that will save you valuable time and help you stay in compliance, including: real-world, detailed examples that simplify complicated overtime pay, hours worked, and other calculations tips and precautions to help you avoid non-compliance that you can apply immediately insightful discussions of gray and evolving areas so you can intelligently plan for the future an easy-access glossary of important wage and hour law terms and phrases fully up-to-date citations to controlling regulations and case law and more! It gives you authoritative, plain english explanations of how- and - when the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other wage and hour laws govern the employer-employee relationship, and what may happen when violations occur. It provides comprehensive coverage of vital and complex topics, including: Determining which employees are covered or exempt Computing hours worked Overtime pay Minimum wage Child labor coverage Recordkeeping obligations Alternative pay system Government contracts Investigations Litigation Penalties for violations and more.