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Reflecting the phenomenal growth in the scope and significance of trademark and unfair competition law sparked by e-commerce and the Internet, this casebook provides students and practitioners with opinions, treatises and commentary, a delineation of the principal questions and problems to be expected, and a synthesis of the current and developing law. The organization provides students with an historical and fundamental foundation in principles before progressively exposing them to the more sophisticated problems. Each section begins with an introductory overview followed by cases and a summary of the issues, with analysis through notes and other secondary textual materials. Coverage includes: discussions of First Amendment rights, federal dilution, the new anti-cybersquatting statute, Sporty's Farm, the Lanham Act amendment and ICANN; Supreme Court decisions including two College Savings Bank decisions, Wal-Mart and Kodak; escalating commercial use of the Internet, including domain name, metatag and related conflicts, and new forms of deceptive advertising; and an updated and revised developments and documents supplement.