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Probably wisely, people don't tend to turn to lawyers when they fall in love or before they have sex. But relationships are notoriously complex and when things start to go wrong and get messy it's not long before the lawyers are on the scene. Through fifteen of the most compelling, humorous and sometimes bizarre real-life cases ever to make it before a judge, you'll experience first-hand some of the real and very difficult decisions our courts have to reach and find out how they go about unpicking the mess we manage to make in our lives. And boy, can we make a mess. Find out what happened to the woman who tickled her husband too much; discover the fate of the poor wife who found a nasty surprise in her husband's sock drawer; and find out whether it can ever really pay to be a gold digger. From the fascinating and the funny to the touching and the tragic you'll get a revealing, honest and thought-provoking insight into an amazing world that will also shed light on some of the most contentious arguments in today's society. So take your front-row seat in the public gallery for a no-holds-barred journey through an astonishing and fascinating world.