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This work provides detailed guidance on the law and practice relating to disciplinary procedures in the health care field. It gives easy access to disciplinary rules and procedures, best practice advice on all aspects of the subject, and the voluminous case law emanating from the High Court and the Privy Council. The law in this field has changed significantly as a result of the Medical Act (Amendment) Order 2002 which introduced the concept of fitness to practise and came into force in November 2004. It also covers the relevant changes brought about by the NHS Reform and Health Professions Act 2002 which came into force in April 2003. * Practical coverage of practice and procedures under the new legislative framework * Covers the disciplinary regimes of all healthcare professions * Covers all regulatory bodies affected * Examines complaints processes, tribunal procedures and the decision-making process * Deals with developments in case law precipitated by the Human Rights Act 1998 * Includes related topics such as appeals and costs * Draws together the extensive case law in this area * Provides best practice advice and highlights potential pitfalls * Uses checklists to clarify the key issues * Sets out key parts of the new legislation