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This book provides for professionals, teachers and students involved in Russian law, by bringing together an overall and profound analysis of the process of the creation of business entities in the legal environment of the Russian Federation. The book will provide readers from a variety of backgrounds in legal studies with an understanding of the basic principles of Russian civil and corporate law, and the ways in which such principles interact. The book provides a comprehensive examination of the following: The essential elements of the Russian legal system, including the sources of Russian law; The law of obligations and the law of torts; The forms of business organizations; The formation and constitution of business organizations; Legal implications related to companies in difficulty and crisis; The legal status of foreign persons in the Russian Federation and foreign investment law; Corporate governance and corporate fraudulent behavior. The book will appeal particularly to undergraduate and postgraduate law students, as well as to Russian and foreign lawyers, heads of legal entities, financial directors, chief accountants, and auditors, and to any person interested in Russian law. Each chapter of the book contains a brief overview, central research questions and a list of further reading. Multiple choice questions, practical assignments, key legislation referenced in the book and a glossary are also included in the book.