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Protection of the space environment - for the study of and use by successive generations of explorers and developers - is an important concept that has yet to enter the collective consciousness of the space community. This book illustrates the relevance of the space environment to science, commerce and the individual, and explains why we should consider protecting some of its unique properties and most significant territories. Space: The Fragile Frontier is the first book to draw together the recognized issues of Earth orbital debris and planetary protection, set them in the context of space law and ethical policies, and encourage a balance between desirable expansion into space and protection of the space environment. It calls for a sustainable approach to space exploration and development. Space: The Fragile Frontier is aimed at scientists, engineers and policy-makers with an interest in space exploration and development, and students who intend to develop a career in a space-related subject. You may not agree with everything you read, but it will change the way you think about space and everything we do there.