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SELF TO SOUL: A Vision of Psychology and Spirituality, by Judy Marshall, Ph.D., puts spiritual knowledge - from traditional religious theory to the esoterica of the New Age - in perspective for the serious and mainstream reader. Building on the work of Aldous Huxley and Joseph Campbell, it compares psychological and philosophical universals and describes a system of spiritual "reality" and our psychological place within it. This is a rational and intelligent discussion of universal spiritual wisdom and how the soul and "spirituality" can work in our lives. SELF TO SOUL is also an honest look at what universal spiritual principles say about psychology. It endorses an entirely spiritually-based view of psychological experience as the key to transformation on both the individual and collective levels. The reader is taken on a journey from the pursuit of self (so basic in our culture and popular psychology) to the collective, always interactive experience of soul, in which the individual is served best by serving God and the greater spiritual order and maintaining an attitude of compassion towards others.