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This latest robotic procedure is the safest, most effective surgery to date. Drs. Hoyte and Shashousa have the first paperback book on robotic hysterectomy in the world. It details with graphics illustrations what can be expected for women who have no alternative but to have their uterus surgically removed. A hysterectomy is most often needed for cancer of the Uterus, but it maybe necessary to have it removed for several other conditions, such as Fibroids. This book is a must read for any woman contemplating a hysterectomy. It is far less invasive and much less time to recover than open surgery with large incision in the lower abdomen. Besides, it is the most precise method of having a hysterectomy in history. You will be well informed on the benefits of seeking out a skill surgeon who is trained in the da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy surgical procedure. The new da Vinci Robotic systems are located in almost all major cities of the United States.