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Designed for quick and easy reference, this latest edition deals with the law and procedure of private residential tenancies. Since the last edition a number of changes have occurred in the law, including the vexed question of "lease or licence", which led to a judicial decision by the House of Lords in Antoniades v Villers, other questions such as the validity of company lets and the meaning of "residence" have also been considered, all these issues are dealt with in a concise and practical manner. Rent, rent control, premiums, terms of tenancy and damages for wrongful eviction under the Housing Act 1988 are also subjects covered within this book. The book has been updated to include, the Housing Act 1988 and its prescribed form, the Legal Aid Act 1988 and the implications on rent of the community charge. It includes checklists on advising the client, whether landlord or tenant, on the grant or termination of tenancy, and there are new sections on acting for a landlord wishing to terminate a periodic shorthold tenancy.