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• Systematically collects all of the characters of GBK and Unicode, including Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese as well as Variants, more than 20,000 characters, the common multiple pronunciation included; • Including Hanyu Pinyin, Huayu Pinyin, Stroke, forward and backward sequence components, associated characters, ultra fast code, GBK, Unicode, contrast between Simplified and Traditional, and multi-tone character information etc.; • All of the contents and index are in Ultrafast code order. Homophonic characters are arranged by strokes from less to more sequence; characters with the same amount strokes are according to the first stroke; • About Simplified and Traditional contrast, according to the order of "mainland Simplified , mainland Traditional; Taiwan Traditional; Hong Kong Traditional ". When mainland Traditional and overseas the same, omitting the mainland Traditional; • According to the historical evolution of Chinese characters, after each prefix, it is listed the contrast of 7-Style of Jin Wen, Xiao Zhuan, Li Shu, Cao Shu, Xing Shu, Kai Shu and Ming Ti; • All the polyphone characters in different syllables are collected; the polyphone characters with the same syllable but in different tones are only collected the common used tone characters.