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For many of us, our initial visions and plans for life have led to some amount of satisfaction, but have fallen short of our expectations and dreams. We may feel lost and disconnected from a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. A sustainable life journey must be led by the wisdom of our core self, our Real Self. Our Real Self contains our potentials for growth and creativity as well as our wisdom about what is life-affirming and life-enhancing for us. It is our inner guide to healing, growth, abundance, and the potential for transcendence. Reclaiming Your Real Self presents an approach to self-healing that combines a strengths-based psychological model with an inclusive view of spirituality. By drawing upon real life stories the book makes complex psychological and spiritual concepts understandable and relevant to every day life. With this pragmatic integration of psychology and spirituality, Reclaiming Your Real Self teaches how to attain sustainable meaning and health.