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At the urging of friends, Marion has turned her memoirs into a book-length manuscript. With ruthless honesty, she describes a chaotic childhood and a confused and often unhappy young adulthood. There were, however, enough moments of transcendence to finally send her on a quest to discover ways that she and others like her could achieve permanent inner peace and happiness, regardless of their early conditioning. During the past sixty years she has investigated over fifty of the major psychospiritual methods available in America, trying to find what was true for her. In this volume she tells of her experiences and tracks her personal growth through her participation in many of these approaches. From the Moslem-inspired Subud to a book called The Presence Process, which came from South Africa by way of California and Mexico, readers will be ensnared by her sensitive recounting of her life's adventures. At almost ninety, she now lives quietly in northwestern Washington , in a home overlooking the serene waters of Oyster Bay.