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How can I be happier? It is a question we all ask. Scientific research has advanced to the point of providing us with an answer to this question. Researchers say that happiness depends on people’s daily activities. The more we engage in pleasurable activities, the happier we get. Pleasure has been blamed for many of our social ailments such as addiction, bankruptcy, unwanted pregnancy, etc. However, researchers have now shown that pleasure is not bad but good for us. Pleasure is therapeutic. In fact, it is a crucial component of happiness. Pleasure: The Secret Ingredient in Happiness offers new insight on the subject of happiness. With scientific rigor and clear language, therapist and researcher Marisol Garcia delivers a compelling account of three years of research on pleasure and happiness. Drawing from years of personal and professional experience in social behavior, this book is packed with simple and practical guidelines, exercises, and inspiring personal narratives. In this provocative book, you will inspired you to transform your life.