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Megarry's Manual of the Law of Real Property has long been established as a leading textbook for land and property courses and has been consistently welcomed by students and practitioners alike. It provides a succinct exposition of all the major topics commonly taught on undergraduate courses, and sets out clearly the legal framework surrounding real property and leasehold land. For the first time under the experienced authorship of A.J. Oakley (who has for many years taught land law at Cambridge and has more recently practised in that area at the Chancery Bar), the new edition places registered land in the predominant position it now occupies. The principal change is to Chapter 4, "The Structure of Land Law after 1925", which has been completely reformulated. The nine-year period since the last edition has seen more relevant legislation than in any comparable period since the 1920s. Among a much larger number of statutes which have had to be incorporated, the impact of the subject-matter of three of them, the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995, the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996, and the Land Registration Act 2002, is both substantial and central to this work. Case law has also continued to develop, in particular in relation to equitable proprietary estoppel and undue influence (in the House of Lords in Royal Bank of Scotland Plc v. Etridge (no.2)), and is fully discussed in this edition. Megarry's Manual continues to provide a clear and concise guide to the study of land law for the student, while remaining an ideal reference source for the non-specialist practitioner.