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In this book, answers to the questions: Why am I here? Who am I to be with? What is my ideal career? How am I to take care of myself? Why was I born into my family? How am I to serve my community and the world? Clear the energy blocks to discovering your soul's purpose- why you are on this planet now! Following the guidelines for healing in this book you will quickly find yourself in the energy flow of spirit's guidance. Throughout Mary's work as a therapist with people with chronic emotional/mental or physical illness she noticed a trend. Those that got completely well and had little or no need to return for treatment were living passionately-particularly in the areas of relationship, career and service to the community. Thus, when they had completed their work on anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other chronic illnesses or issues, she asked them if they would be willing to continue to work a bit longer. on their soul's purpose. Complete wellness demands living your passion. In this groundbreaking book you will discover the process, Dynamic Energetic Healing®, an energy psychology model, with specific strategies to achieve your goals and dreams.