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The first in a multi-volume set, this collection of interviews with leading Jungian analysts—past and present—draws upon a wealth of memories and experiences, many of which go directly back to first-hand encounters with Jung. Through their eyes, we catch a rare glimpse of Jung not found in his writings. Featured in this volume are: Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig, Murray Stein, Jane and Jo Wheelwright, John Beebe, Joseph Henderson, Patricia Berry, Thomas Kirsch, C. Toni Frey-Wehrlin, James Hall, Russell Lockhart, Fred Gustafson, and Gilda Franz. A winner from Mackie, one of Quilt in a Day's favorite teachers. The Winning Hand block is a four-patch, with strips on all sides, and a square cut on the diagonal to finish it off. The simple pattern makes a bold and lively quilt. Frame your blocks with a contrasting lattice, or 'float' the cards against a lattice of background fabric.