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Jordans Company Secretarial Precedents is an essential reference guide for all professionals carrying out company administration work in the UK. It contains hundreds of precedents and forms dealing with every aspect of company administration. Each form and precedent is accompanied by concise details of when and how it should be used, as it relates to both UK private and unlisted public companies. In this sixth edition, the precedents and commentary has been fully updated to take into account the implementation of the UK's Companies Act 2006. These include: the new draft articles of association for private limited companies * registration and re-registration * directors duties * meetings and resolutions and electronic communications * share capital * accounts. In addition, annotations provide cross-references to relevant legislative provisions throughout the book. The right precedent to use or adapt is easy to find and offers the reassurance that it has been drafted and used by practicing corporate administration and company secretarial experts. All of the precedents and forms are included on the accompanying CD-ROM, to quickly suit specific requirements.