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International trade is an area of law in constant change. "Schmitthoff's Export Trade" provides coverage of the subject and is a useful textbook for students, practitioners and businessmen. The ninth edition of "Schmitthoff's Export Trade" covers new developments across the whole field of the law and practice of international trade. The author includes two new chapters, on Product Liability and on the Complaints Procedure under GATT, both of which are now important topics for exporters and their legal advisers. The chapter on Product Liability covers the EEC Directive, Part 1 of the "Consumer Protection Act 1987" and also includes a brief survey of American law. Other changes reflected in this edition take account of, "Inter Alia", the reorganization of the Overseas Trade Divisions at the Department of Trade and Industry and the new services offered as part of their Enterprise Initiative; the growing importance of the practice of counter trade joint ventures and other forms of joint export organization. The treatment of international Factoring, Forfeiting and Financial Leasing is expanded and the Ottawa Conventions of 1988 relating to some of these subjects are reviewed. The development and standardization of Electronic Data Interchange methods of communication and the UNCID and UN/EDIFACT Rules 1988 are dealt with in detail and the particular problem of teletransmission of letters of credit is considered. Professor Schmitthoff considers further the effect of the Vienna Convention on International Sale of Goods which came into force on January 1, 1988, and other Conventions and Uniform Rules which comprise the international harmonization of trade law. Particular attention is given to the measures sponsored by the International Chamber of Commerce, UNCITRAL and Unidroit In addition, the book examines the impact on international trade of the establishment in 1992 of the single internal market, taking into account new and existing EEC legislation in this direction, such as the Regulations on franchising, know-how licensing agreements and air transport. This edition also keeps the reader informed on the numerous new cases decided by the English courts. Leading cases decided by Commonwealth and American courts and the EEC Court of Justice are likewise noted. As the result of long practical experience and many international contacts, "Schmitthoff's Export Trade" guide to the complex and multiform nature of international trade law and practice on the global as well as on the EEC level. In the present climate of intensification of international trade, businessmen, their professional advisers and students of legal and business studies will find it essential reading. sponsored by the International chamber of Commerce, UNCITRAL and Unidroit.