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This text combines coverage of the Community legal system and crucial areas of substantive law with an approach which presents a selection of important source material within a framework of narrative discussion. The first five chapters deal with what may be broadly described as the "Community legal order" (including an account of the Community's external relations). The major part of this discussion is organized around three principal elements of this order: the distribution of institutional powers; the implementation and enforcement of law in a supranational context; and legal accountability for the exercise of powers. The remaining four chapters discuss areas of substantive Community law which are now likely to appear to some extent in most courses on the subject. These chapters may also be regarded as central components of a useful account of the development of Community law and policy up to the present time, in particular in the context of the drive towards a single market in a Community which is increasingly grappling with social as well as economic concerns. The authors have chosen to select what may be considered as essential and instructive material, whether primary sources in the form of treaty provisions, secondary legislation, case law or official reports and documentation. These extracts are accompanied by analysis and commentary. Thus, the book's objective is to supply an overall framework for studying the subject and to provide access to key sources, while also stimulating further reflection and study.