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This book provides a concise and convenient compilation of the EU directives and decisions concerning the inclusion of aviation into the existing greenhouse gas emission allowances trading scheme (ETS). An introduction has been added to set out the European and international context. Furthermore, some practical templates for reporting annual emissions and tonne-km data are included, as well as a list of useful contacts. The 2003 ETS Directive introduced emission trading for energy-intensive installations on a European level. Subsequently, the 2004 Linking Directive made further flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol available. In 2008, the Aviation Directive took EU ETS to the next level, as it included aviation in the scheme. This directive has been accompanied by the 2007 Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines (MRG), revised on April 16, 2009, which provides detailed guidance regarding determination of emissions and tonne-km data and streamlining the compliance cycle consisting of monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) duties. The book is a timely and welcome addition to the literature in the field and should be of interest to anyone dealing with aviation and environmental law.