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Entertainment Litigation provides in-depth discussion and analysis of the substantive law regarding the subjects that most frequently arise in entertainment litigation, and provides guidelines, tips and recommendations on how to properly litigate in these areas, on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, including studios, talent and independent producers and distributors. Also includes sample complaints, briefs, motions and other practice materials. With contributed chapters from top lawyers in the field, Harder and his co-authors tackle virtually all aspects of entertainment litigation, using the most up-to-date substantive law and practice guidelines, including in-depth discussion of the following subject areas: copyright infringement and idea submission, trademark infringement, right of publicity, defamation, anti-SLAPP law, invasion of privacy and stalking, Talent Agencies Act, profit participation and audit claims, labor and employment litigation and insurance law as they relate to the entertainment industries. Discussion focuses on federal law and state-specific laws and procedures in California and New York, and also covers the substantive and procedural law in both Canada and the U.K.