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This book has been written to help you record your progress as you complete Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) exercises for anxiety. This book has not been written to go into great detail about how anxiety works. You can read about that by accessing the internet or by reading other CBT books. Many people don't like writing in books, and in most of the CBT books I've looked at, the tables look good, but the pages are much too small to write in. I have made this book especially large to make it easier to write in. So please write in it! Write all over it if you like! If you are having CBT sessions take it with you to your sessions and use it to make notes. Many people who have CBT need to keep using the ideas they've learnt in their sessions well after they have finished their therapy to prevent relapse. This book is designed to allow you to keep a permanent record of your thoughts so that you can look back over them at any time in the future. Keeping written records is important in CBT as later on it is very easy to forget the kinds of things that you worked on to help yourself feel better. If you are having therapy, your therapist might not always have the sheets that you need, and sometimes the sheets that are given out are poor photocopies and end up all over the place. Before my clients started using this book several used to come to my sessions with little bits of folded paper in their pockets or handbags. Sometimes, my clients lost their pieces of paper, left sheets at work, or the paper fell out of their pockets. My clients then felt embarrassed because they didn't like the thought of other people picking up and reading their very personal information.