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This textbook takes care of in the specialized field of laparoscopic surgery and the issues pertaining to anesthesia. Laparoscopic surgery is performed in all types of patients, i.e. neonate pregnant morbidly obese, trauma victims and other patients with co-morbid medical condition. This book enables to diagnose effectively and treat common pain syndromes by following a step-by-step approach that progresses from signs and symptoms through physical findings and laboratory. 1. History of Laparoscopic Procedures, 2. Gases used in Laparoscopic Surgery, 3. Ideal IAP during Laparoscopy, 4. Haemodynamic Effects of Pneumoperitoneum, 5. Effect of Pneumoperitoneum on the Respiratory System, 6. Effect of Carboperitoneum on CNS Physiology, 7. Effect of Carboperitoneum on Renal Physiology, 8. Stress Response and Laparoscopy, 9. General Anaesthesia for Laparoscopic Surgery, 10. Regional Anaesthesia in Laparoscopic Surgery, 11. Use of LMA and PLMA in Laparoscopic and Extraperitoneal Endoscopic Surgery, 12. Anaesthesia for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, 13. Laparoscopic Repair of Abdominal Hernias: Anaesthetic Considerations, 14. Anaesthesia for Ambulatory Laparoscopic Surgery, 15. Anaesthesia for Gynaecologic Laparoscopy, 16. Laparoscopic Surgery in Pregnancy, 17. Anaesthesia for Laparoscopy in Paediatric Patients, 18. Anaesthetic Considerations in Urologic Laparoscopic Surgery, 19. Complications in Laparoscopic Surgery, 20. Anaesthetic Management for Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery, 21. Laparoscopy in High-Risk Cardiac Cases, 22. Pain Management after Laparoscopic Procedures, 23. Anaesthesia for Thoracoscopy.